Upcoming Important Dates

16/7/22 Airborne Forces Day
2/9/22 VJ Day
21/10/22 Trafalgar Day
11/11/22 Armistice Day

Rothbury Parish Council Veterans’ Affairs Working Group Terms of Reference

1. Background

  • Every day the men and women of our Armed Forces show their courage, commitment and dedication to our country. We have an obligation to ensure that our veterans continue to thrive after leaving the services.
  • To address historic hurt or disadvantage that sections of the veteran community have experienced, Op COURAGE (the mental health service in England for veterans) was stood up last year and has already received 5,000 referrals. Veterans have an elevated risk of poor life outcomes, including unemployment, substance abuse, mental health problems, suicide and homelessness.
  • Members of our own community and their families continue to be affected by the legacy of their service, so Rothbury Parish Council has set up this working group to understand the problem and what we can do to help.

2. Objectives

  • The objective is to establish how the parish council can support veterans in our area by:
    • ANALYSIS (Understand the types of problems and help available/possible)
    • LIAISON (With veterans and their families, employers, local government, charities and healthcare providers).
    • FACILITATION (Raising awareness, coordinating help/activities, and linking people with others in a sustainable support network).
    • ACCREDITATION (Recognizing and formalizing local organization’s contribution to veteran’s wellbeing- eg employers, healthcare trusts and GP surgeries).

3. Issues

  • Lack of general awareness of veterans’ issues within the community, employer and healthcare base.
  • Paucity of practical support and little knowledge amongst veterans and their families about the help that is available to them.
  • How to maximize veteran employability, as the key to positive life outcomes.
  • Any solutions must not complicate or compromise existing veterans support networks.
  • Recording of personal information/GDPR constraints.

4. Methodology

  • The initial stage will be driven by analysis of the types, scope and scale of problems that veterans within our community experience.
  • This activity will be supplemented by engagement with charities, employers, healthcare providers etc in-order-to identify what help can be provided.
  • In turn, the Parish Veterans Welfare Plan will define the type, sequence and duration of veterans’ support activity we can provide for our community.

5. Expertise

  • The type of work involved in the project will include analysis, stakeholder engagement, planning and reporting.
  • The working group will be supplemented by stakeholders outwith the parish council, and their roles and responsibilities will be documented in the Parish Veterans Welfare Plan.

6. Reporting

  • Report format to be discussed/agreed at an early working group meeting.
  • Channels for distribution TBC and may evolve as we learn more.
  • The activities of the working group will be regularly communicated to parishioners and all key interlocuters.

7. Work plan

  • Initial artefacts produced by the working group will include the following:
    • Action Log (with owners and target dates).
    • Key stakeholder list (inc roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities).
    • Parish Veterans’ Welfare Plan (detailing approach and activities in support of veterans).