Councillor Details

Name Tel Email
Chair:- Jeff Sutton  01669 622827
Vice Chair:- Steven Bridgett 01669 622999
Avril Graham, 01669 622959
Ashley Arkle, 01669 620609
Hannah White 07711 234264
Peter Dawson 01669 621586 / 07795 996146
Richard Armstrong 07964 093750
Caroline Dawson 01669 621417
Hilary Woodburn 01669 621470

These Councillors have been elected to represent the Council on the following outside bodies for 2016/17

NALC – Cllr P Dawson
Cluster – Cllr Mrs Arkle
Christmas Lights – no representative
Educational Trust – Cllrs Graham and Bridgett
Youth Project – Cllr Ms White
Joint Burial Committee – Cllr Mrs Dawson, Cllr P Dawson, Cllr J Sutton

Councillors Declarations of Interest

The Councillors Declarations of Interest as recorded on Northumberland County Council Parish & Town Councils Declarations of Interest

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