Councillor Details

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Jeff Sutton

Tel: 07875 107264


 Registrable interest form - Jeff Sutton (PDF, )

John Devlin

Vice Chair

Tel: 01669 621772


 Registrable interest form - John Devlin (PDF, )

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Steven Bridgett

Tel: 01669 622999


 Registrable interest form - Steven Bridgett (PDF, )

Ashley Arkle

Tel: 01669 620609


 Registrable interest form - Ashley Arkle (PDF, 334.57 Kb)

Peter Colquitt



 Registrable interest form - Peter Colquitt (PDF, )

Caroline Dawson

Tel: 01669 621417


 Registrable interest form - Caroline Dawson (PDF, )


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Ms Claire Miller

Tel: 01669 621565


Address: 14 Addycombe Close, Rothbury, Morpeth, Northumberland. NE65 7QF

These Councillors have been elected to represent the Council on the following committees and outside bodies for 2023/24

Coquetdale Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – Cllr Devlin, Cllr Milne

RPC Armed Forces Veteran Working Group – Cllr’s Colquitt, Sutton & Milne

RPC Crises Management Working Group – Cllr’s Colquitt, Milne

Borderlands Place Programme – Cllr’s Mrs Arkle & Colquitt

RPC Staffing Committee – Cllr’s Colquitt, Old, Devlin & Milne

Coquetdale Cluster – Cllr Sutton

Thomlinson’s Educational Trust – Cllrs Mrs Dawson and Bridgett

Rothbury Joint Burial Committee – Cllr  Sutton, Cllr Devlin – Rothbury Parish Council

Cllr Mrs Dunn, Whitton & Tosson Parish Council

Cllr Foggon, Thropton Parish Council

Cllr Milburn, Hesleyhurst Parish Council

Cllr Famelton, Hollinhill Parish Council

Councillors Declarations of Interest

The Councillors Declarations of Interest as recorded on Northumberland County Council Parish & Town Councils Declarations of Interest