Beggars Rigg – willow structures

Food and Craft Fair, May 2015

Rothbury Street Fair, 31st May 2010

Bridge Street

Members of Rothbury Pipe Band pictured outside the Newcastle Hotel
A few tunes
before setting out on Rothbury Pipe Bands ‘3rd WORLD Tour of Coquetdale’
This event was again to thank the villages of Coquetdale (and beyond) who’ve helped support the band over the years.

[Old London Bus courtesy of the ‘Dreadnought Buses’]

Musicians outside the United Reformed Church on Fair Day 2011

There are car parking facilities within the village, though these become full very quickly. Excellent alternative car parks are situated at the ‘Cow Haugh’ and ‘Beggars Rigg’ – the latter of these affords tremendous views towards the ‘Simonside Hills’ and the ‘Golf Course’

Play area near the ‘Cow Haugh’ car park

‘Beggars Rigg’ car park and picnic area

There are magnificent views wherever you care to look. The Simonside Hills, the Cheviots, Thrum Mill and Cragside Estate are among the favourites, though you can see the coast (on a clear day) from the top of Blaeberry Hill and Carriage Drive and there is always the ducks to feed at the riverside car park.

Footpath to the Thrum Mill

The falls at Thrum Mill

Rothbury Market Place & High Street -24th January 2010
[ as seen from Church Tower ]

Rothbury Riverside & All Saints Church from public footpath through Golf Course

View from Carterside towards Rothbury

Rothbury & Blaeberry Hill
as seen from the Golf Club

Whether you are a visitor to our village, or live nearby you may be surprised at the many fascinating glimpses of ‘old’ Rothbury which remain and can be enjoyed. The history of Rothbury dates back to the Bronze Age. Cup and Ring marks can be seen at nearby Lordenshaws. To view some old Maps and photos click HERE.

View from Blaeberry Hill towards Rothbury and the Coast

Nature at work – seen on the Carriage drive – nature re-cycling

Towards Rothbury from the Crags on the new footpath on Simonside [2009]

In 1291 the village was granted a royal charter to hold a market and annual fair. The fair exists to this day. The coming of the railways in 1872 and the advent of motor transport made Rothbury an extremely popular resort for day trips and holidays – for further snippets of history see the brief historysection of our web site or visit Northumberland Communities. There are now two bus companies providing Buses to Rothbury and the Coquet Valley – ARRIVA and Spirit Buses, for further information and for timetable please visit their web sites by clicking the links below.

View from Simonside looking down towards Rothbury

Another Great View from Simonside
note the date on rock [1865] – people have enjoyed these views for a long time