Councillor Details

Name Tel Email
Chair:- Mrs Caroline Dawson 01669 621417
Vice Chair:- Mrs Debbie Noble 01669 621542
Mr John Rutherford 01669 621668 n/a
Mr Steven Bridgett 01669 622999
Mr Brian Hesler 07767 756636
Mr Jeff Reynalds 01669 620784
Mr John Devlin 01669 621772

These Councillors have been elected to represent the Council on the following outside bodies for 2016/17

Finance and Policy Committee: Chair, Cllr Devlin, Vice Chair, Cllr Rutherford
Planning and Community Services Committee: Chair Cllr Rutherford, Vice Chair Cllr Devlin
NALC: Cllr Reynalds
Coquetdale Cluster: Cllr Reynalds, as NALC representative, Cllr Bridgett as County Cllr and Chairman of Rothbury Parish Council
Christmas Lights Committee: Cllr Dawson
Thomlinsons Educational Trust: Cllr Dawson
Youth Project: Cllr Dawson to attend as an individual
Joint Burial Committee: Chair Cllr Dawson, Cllr Reynalds, Cllr Rutherford
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group: Cllr Rutherford and Cllr Reynalds
Parish Church: Cllr Reynalds

Councillors Declarations of Interest

The Councillors Declarations of Interest as recorded on Northumberland County Council Parish & Town Councils Declarations of Interest

PLEASE NOTE: The links on NCC web site for town and parish council declarations of interest are currently undergoing maintenance but will be available in the near future. Members current declaration of interests below.

Members declarations of Interest reviewed by the Parish Council annually in February each year.

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John Rutherford
John Devlin
Jeff Reynalds
Debbie Noble
Brian Hesler
Steven Bridgett
Caroline Dawson