Rothbury Parish Council (RPC) recently had a judgement in its favour at a tribunal which led it to ask for costs against the man who brought the action.  The tribunal assessed RPC’s recoverable costs at £32,000 as the maximum it could order him to pay but decided he should pay £7,500 to reflect his apparent financial situation.

A majority, if not all of Rothbury Parish Councillor’s would dearly wish to see him pay the full amount of assessed recoverable costs.  In addition the general opinion in the village is clearly of the same mind.  RPC has received eight strongly worded e-mails and many verbal comments saying this is what it should do.

RPC has sought expert legal advice and in the opinion of our legal representatives, has been told that if it appeals it is likely to incur costs of at least £18,000 and it is unlikely to be awarded anything extra.  In addition,  RPC’s  current financial situation is such that it is not able to fund an appeal.

It is therefore with great regret that it has been decided, by four votes to one, that it is in the best interests of the people of Rothbury  not to appeal but  request enforcement of the award of costs of £7,500.